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About the competition

At India Photography Awards, we conduct monthly and annual competitions for Indian professional, non-professional, and student photographers on a global scale. Inspired by an explosion of interest in photography in India and the talent that is slowly becoming visible, we have launched this global platform dedicated to showcase contemporary and imaginative images with intent of promoting photography in the country.
This page tells you about the competition, how to enter, how to prepare your images for the competition, and the types of entries you can submit. The competition and the results are run on this website. To enter, please make an account on the website and you will then be able to upload your images.
The unique selling point of this competition is that competitions are always live (24 hours/365 days), magnifying thus your chances of winning exponentially. We run a competition every month and the winner from each month, within each category (a total of 2 from the two categories at present) will qualify for the annual competition. Images submitted up to the end of every month will be considered for that months contest. In the monthly and annual contest - Nature and Travel Genre, the winners will be decided by our Jury Panel.