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Can a cropped image be submitted to the contest?

Image cropping is allowed. Cropping shall not exceed more than 20% of the width and/or the height of the original RAW or high-resolution JPEG image. If an image has been cropped significantly, the image will be disqualified from judging.

Can I get a refund after payment has been made?

No. Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Are black and white and sepia images accepted?


What happens if my photograph wins another competition after I have entered it - will it be disqualified?

No that does not make any difference to us.

Will your organisation assume copyright over my pictures?

No, not at all. We respect copyright. The copyright belongs to you and you are free to use the picture as you deem right always.

Can I manipulate my photographs?

No you cannot manipulate. Please avoid digital manipulation such as cloning and combining of visual elements. Your photograph should faithfully represent the scene as you saw it. HDR images and stitched panoramas are allowed. If your image is selected in the Top 20, and after receiving and reviewing the RAW file it is discovered to diverge drastically from the original image, it will be disqualified.

Can I enter an image that has been published?

Both published and unpublished work is accepted.

Do I have to live in India to enter?

You have to be an Indian living anywhere. You can enter your images from anywhere in the world.

Do I need a special professional camera to enter?

No, you can submit pictures clicked by any camera, camera phone too.

Can I enter the same photos again in a different month competition or annual competition?

Yes you can. But you will need to purchase an entry for it again as it will be treated as a fresh entry and earlier ratings given to it won’t count.

How should I prepare my pictures?

Submitted images should be 1800 pixels along the long edge 300 dpi saved as jpeg with a quality setting of 12 in Photoshop. The image should be converted to an sRGB color space and must not exceed 2.5MB. Photographs with borders, watermarks, frames, or name/signatures will not be accepted.

How do I enter the contest?

Register, create your online profile, upload your images and pay entry fees. Your entry is submitted when entry fees are paid. You will receive an entry confirmation e-mail upon payment of entry fees. For more details please see the “Submission guidelines and how to enter” page 

What is the deadline for the contest?

The contest is run every month and ends on the last day of the month at midnight. Please refer to the “About the competition” page for further information.

Can I review my images before entering the competition?

Yes, you can. Upon completion of registration, the owner of the images will get an opportunity to upload and review up to 30 images on the website, prior to submitting any one or multiple images to the open competitions.

Can I make changes to my entry after I have paid?

No, after payment has been made, entries cannot be edited.

I entered an earlier inPA competition and now I would like to enter the current one. Do I have to register again?

No, just login with the details you used before.

What information is captured when I make my payment on your site?

We have partnered with CCAvenue for our payment gateway. We do not take any financial information from you, except that we know whether a payment has been made from a debit/credit card or from other listed payment options.

What are the options available for payment to me?

Please refer to the payment options page on CCAvenue to know of all options.

What if I have changed address/phone/number/email address?

Please login with your old details and change whatever details you wish to in your profile. Please Click on “My Account” on top left corner and select “Edit Profile”.