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Nalla Muthu

Nalla is a freelance cinematographer, director and producer since 1987. In a twenty year long career, he’s had the opportunity to shoot feature films, documentaries, news, corporate films and TV shows. During this time, Nalla has had the pleasure and privilege of working with some of the industry’s best directors and networks including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery International among others. As an expert Hi-Definition and Hi-speed cinematographer he has travelled across the world and his work has received both national and international acclaim.

Nalla has dedicated the last five years of his life filming in India’s forests. His passion for the Royal Bengal Tiger has translated into two international documentaries which he has produced, filmed and directed. His first film, ‘Tiger Queen’ highlights the power struggle in a family of tigers and was broadcast on National Geographic Wild and Animal Planet. His second film ‘Tiger Dynasty’ for the BBC and Animal Planet portrays India’s first ever scientific translocation of tigers.

Known for his dramatic cinematography and a keen eye for detail, Nalla is counted among the best cinematographers in India. His ability to add a theatrical touch to factual storytelling has captured the attention of producers and networks worldwide. His technical skills combined with a poetic visual style have won him the prestigious Indian National Film Award for Best Cinematography in 2012.

Nalla’s fascination for beautiful visuals and his compassion for wildlife have resulted in him spending most of his time in the forests in India searching for unique characters and stories. Through his films, Nalla hopes to bring to life every second of the raging the struggle for survival that persists in the unpredictable wild and give conservation a fresh perspective.

Apart from wildlife Nalla is always keen to partake in a fresh concept, visual story or technical challenge.