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Rahul Sachdev

His interest in wildlife goes back to his play-school days. He remembers having a collection of plastic replicas of wild animals which used to be as dear as gold to him. The fact that he grew up on stories of Jim Corbett helped a lot as well. He started wildlife photography around 2003  during a family outing to Ranthambhore national park with a Nikon N65 then and a basic 70-300mm lens. Even though he did not make any half-decent images during that trip, this definitely was a trigger for his journey as a wildlife photographer.
It has been quite some time since that time and he is glad that he made that trip to Ranthambhore.
Over the years he has picked up a few recommendations/awards and the latest and the biggest for him so far has been the ‘Natures Best Photography Winner – Wildlife 2017’. What makes this one even more special for him is that it was for an image made in Ranthambhore.
These days he conducts a lot of tours and workshops for budding and experienced photographers with a single aim - ‘To teach and help them use and understand light!’