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Jole Bagh, Dangay Kumir

Jole Bagh, Dangay Kumir

In Bengali, there is a famous and scary proverb based on Sunderbans – “Jole kumir, dangay bagh”; there are crocodiles in the water and tigers on the land (literal meaning) which signifies that there’s trouble all around just like one being surrounded by crocodiles in water and tigers on land. In this frame I managed to reverse the saying to "Jole bagh, dangay kumir" with crocodile on land and tiger in water – such is the diversity of the place!

Image Information

Aperture f/6.3

Shutter Speed1/1000


Exposure Bias0.00

Focal Length500mm

Date taken26/11/2017 12:05

Date modified 20/11/2018 18:08